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…Francesco, Tuscan roots, determination, passion and verve in abundance, we met each other and it was feeling at first sight. He told me about his project, and talked about his first wine as he was talking about his firstborn. I was not surprised, I understood him and I enjoyed myself a lot. As soon as you broach a bottle, your nose becomes understandably stuffed up, but just let it in the glass, so that it can open, and you will see that perfumes unclench slowly and that the aromas of little red fruits reveal themselves elegantly, as well as delicate balsamic nuances and a light and pleasant toasted flavor do.
When you taste this wine, it enters your mouth softly and it develops harmoniously; its acidity is intense and its tannins are silky and well developed. At the end, it is long and dry, and you can feel the fruit and the vanilla/spice flavor of the toasting again, but without redundancies. I am pleasantly surprised, this wine is definitely balanced, tempered, with no-frills, full-bodied and strikingly fresh; all these aspects make drinking it enjoyable and easy, even though its alcoholic proof is 14°!

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