Idea de’ Ré

Letter or message in a bottle

When I was told that I wouldn’t have made it (just because I didn’t have a vineyard), at that point I understood three important things:
1: Other people hadn’t make it.
2: I would not have made their mistakes.
3: I wasn’t “other people”.

Therefore, I began shaping my childhood dream, my idea…I put the right hat on and I converted it into a business idea with my mind, and then tossed it with my heart and passion so that it could have a soul. I rolled up my sleeves and drew a line. I started looking for the answer to the first question….

I have been looking for my wine “identity” for a year highways and byways, drinking and tasting, studying and listening. Everything else was already crystal clear in front of my eyes: I am a Manager, not a fleas’ tamer! End of a route and a new beginning. I have been looking for the best skills that I did not have, I have been looking for them the way I wanted them: outside the box and out of the bad habits and legacies of a traditionalist, static and conventional world. I chose people who had the worst reputation, but the best talent to listen to my words and give life to my project. Done! I mixed cross-competences, agitated and started testing: some quintals of Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes, 6 barriques, 1313 bottles and a 2 year wait have done the rest. Recipe completed!

Today my sleeves are still rolled up; I pamper, protect and present Dè Rè. I rely on the fact that I have demolished my constraining beliefs (and maybe other people’ beliefs, but it doesn’t matter), I have raised my standards and received love and faith.

Just think that everything started from a simple question: “…from where do I begin?”
…and the answer was: “I want to be my first client! I would like to buy my wine!”
…and from then on, everything was clearer.