Francesco Belà

de' Ré Tuscany Luxury

“A leopard cannot change its spots”, “The tree straightens up when is young”, “If you sleep with dogs you will wake up with fleas” and “Never stop learning, learning is growing”.

Every proverb talks about an aspect of reality. But reality is like a statue: to see all its sides you have to go round it, up and down…and to know Francesco you have to walk for 3 months in his shoes. In a few words, I could say that Francesco Belà is all around, above and below a range of proverbs, rules, strange things and contradictions. He was born fully convinced that a leopard can change its spots, and that a tree straightens up depending on the tilt angle from which you look at it. He also believes that if you sleep with dogs you will not wake up with fleas, but maybe with whiskers, and that even if you are 100 years old you can teach something to people around you!

Precious talent and strong-willed, he does not like to wait! He has had many experiences in big companies and multinational corporations, and marketing, sales and goals are his routine. He has stacked up many kilometers in several cities, but in his heart, there is only one of them: Florence.

At the peak of his business experience, in 2009 he backed down to “help those who wanted to spawn new businesses in the midst of an epochal economic crisis”. A new company was born then: Mia 24, and a new role too: the Temporary Manager. Many firms in different markets and in various sectors. Therefore, multi-purpose and cross competences are necessary, as well as flexibility and a new hat on your head every day…and one of these days, one of these hats has brought Dè Rè to life!